Searching for happiness?

We all want to be happy, but how do we go about finding happiness? Perhaps we hope to win the jackpot on the lottery, or alternatively indulge ourselves with a bit of retail therapy or a night out on the town.

These all work to an extent. But when you've torn up enough lottery tickets to start a confetti factory, or life seems as cheerful as a damp November fog, have you ever had some nagging doubt that there ought to be more to life than this?

If you have felt like that, here's a few thoughts.

An alternative

Now when I mention the name Jesus, it may be a turn-off to some of you. We all have our pre-conceived ideas about him, but have you ever tried to really find out what he was all about?

For starters, he didn't pull any punches but said and did what he believed was important in life. For example, he said the two main things in life are first, to be in tune with the creator of the universe and second, to care about others as passionately as you care about yourself.

This may be a bit radical for our 'everyone for themselves' society. But many people have found this works. To be in tune with your creator and to actively participate in and be part of a caring community gives purpose to life. And because we believe this works, we call ourselves Community of Christ, because it is Jesus who helps us be in tune with our creator and it is Jesus who shows us how to be a caring community.

We believe the teachings of Jesus can make a big difference in our lives. If you feel you would like to join us in that quest, then we would be happy to tell you more.

Please see the contact page if you want to get in touch with us.


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